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Company Profile

Our company was founded in 2014 for the manufacture and sales of fabric. It has been serving with its expert and competent staff for the manufacture and sales of the raw, dyed and printed fabric.  It has been following up closely all the technologic innovations of the sector and always increases its production and capacity by doing assesments and also taking into consideration the customer’s demands.

Safran Kumas has been maintaining its speciality on the fabrics such as: polyester, viscose, poly/viscose , linen, cotton and jacquard.

Our marketing and sales team are composed of experienced sales representatives and account executives. They give all the necessary information about the access of the orders to delivering them to the customers and also they are experts in following all the phases during the process.

Our vision

Safran Kumaş is always open to novelty with its brave and determined posture and has taken as principal to serve customers with good communication and high quality of the production that has been made in the sector.

Our mission

As Safran Kumaş we have our responsibility to serve both in Turkey and all around the world from manufacture to the customer relationships. Moreover we act systematicly and deliberatively in every phase of the production. We have the desire to present eligible and different products knowing the sector standards and people’s requirements and to meet an expectation of the brands.

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